Placeholder cover mockup for BLUEJAY RISES
Still not the real cover, but closer

Aviatrix. Chanteuse. Thief. Spy.

When Catherine DeWitt steals secret airplane plans from a Spanish officer, she’s thinking only of a quick payday. The flying circus that’s been both her job and her surrogate family has flown for the last time, reducing Kate to literally singing for her supper in nightclubs in the French Algeria of 1936.

But the plans present Kate with an unexpected opportunity: Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service will pay her handsomely to infiltrate Francisco Franco’s fascist rebels. The SIS needs details on the advanced fighters and bombers the Nazis are testing in Spain’s brutal civil war. What Kate finds may save British lives in the next war looming on the horizon.

Saying “yes” nails a target on Kate’s back. The Gestapo and Spanish spooks on both sides have her in their sights. Her SIS contact may not be who he says he is. No matter who gets her, the result may be the same—a bullet in her head.

Kate’s beaten the odds every time she’s climbed into a cockpit. Can she fly out of trouble this time?

Bluejay Rises is planned for a Q2 2023 release.

Read the first eight chapters of Bluejay Rises. (1/31/23)*

* Note: this is still a work in progress. The preview will change over time. The date is when the available version was uploaded.

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