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This site is where you can follow my chronicling of the adventures of the late Dame Catherine Victoria Gorham DeWitt OBE, a.k.a. Kate. The Kate DeWitt Adventures start in late 1930s Europe and will — depending on your interest, gentle reader — eventually stretch into the early 1950s. Sometimes Kate will solve a mystery; sometimes she’s a spy; and sometimes she engages in…other pursuits. She hated being boring or predictable.

These tales happen in a real past world. I’ll have to do a goodly amount of research to flesh out Kate’s notes from long ago. She wasn’t always good about filling in the details unless they interested her, and what interested her was an ever-evolving thing. As I go along, I’ll share with you the things I discover in the hope that you’ll find them interesting as well.

Occasionally I’ll share something Kate wrote in her journals that you might enjoy hearing in her own words.

I’d like to thank Allyson DeWitt, president of the DeWitt Agency and Kate’s great-granddaughter, for entrusting me with Kate’s papers and allowing me to adapt them for publication. There’s a lot of Kate in Allyson, and I hope both she and you will like seeing what Dame Catherine got up to when she was just plain Kate.

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